In order to start tracking orders in a web store with Snoobi, the confirmation page needs to be modified to add the tracking code. Most web stores make use of only one confirmation page that handles all of the orders. If this is the case, only that one confirmation page needs to be modified for tracking the orders with Snoobi. To make Snoobi  track the orders, the contents of the order needs to be found from the html source code of the confirmation page.  In most cases, the buyer is shown the ordered items and other details of the order. That is why installing the web store tracking in most cases is only a matter of formatting the order and its contents in right way.


If Magento 1 or 2 is used, there is a specific Snoobi plugin that handles the tracking code insertion. Read more here.

However, if another CMS is used to create the standard non-webshiop website, then the standard Snoobi code needs to be inserted on these pages as well.

Detailed technical instructions are found in this document.

In this article more about the e-commerce metrics in Snoobi and how to do these settings.